Gazette du Bon Ton pochoir fashion plates 1912

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Title Page 1st year of Bon Ton
Title Page
Title Page
La Premiere Imprudence by George Barbier
SPE268 $
La Belle Dame Sans Merci by George Barbier
GBT8 $
La Voie Lactee, Milky Way by George Barbier
SPE265 $
Les Citrons by Georges LePape
GBT140A $125
TaTamar Karsavina Dans "Le Coq D'Or" by Valentine Gross GBT118 $145 Laquelle? by Georges LePape
GBT130 $125
Au Jardin des Hesperides by George Barbier
SPE272 $
La Belle Aux Monieaux by George Barbier
SPE273 $
Un Peu by George Barbier
GBT30 $175
Le Cypres Et La Rose by George Barbier
SPE269 $
La Pantoufle de Vair by A. E. Marty
SBT133 $145
On Nous Regarde! by Georges LePape
SBT134 $145
La Femme et les Pantins by Georges LePape
SBT135 $145
Les Jardins de Versailles by Georges LePape
SBT136 $145
La Voilere by Georges LePape
Le Cady Improvise by Georges LePape
SBT138 $125
Adieu, Pauvre Amour by Georges LePape
SBT139 $125
Finacailles by Georges LePape
SBT140 $125
Lucrece ou "Mes Bijoux, Les Voici" by Georges LePape
SBT141 $125
Une Robe de Martial et Armand by Georges LePape
SBT142 $125
L'Entrevue Matinale by Georges LePape
SBT143 $125
Le Bon Accueil by Georges LePape
SBT144 $115
Dancing by Georges LePape
SBT145 $115
La Lecon Mal Apprise by Georges LePape
SBT146 $115
Le Jouet Favori by Georges LePape
SBT147 $95
La Belle Journee by Georges LePape
SBT148 $125
Eveil by Pierre Morgue
GBT163 $115
La Caresse a la Rose by Marty
GBT149 $
La Comedie est Terminee by J Gose
GBT150 $
A La Comedie by J Gose
GBT151 $
Au Theatre by Thayaht
GBT152 $115
Une Cap, de Madeleine Vionnet by Thayaht
GBT153 $
Une Robe de Madeleine Vionnet by Thayaht
GBT156 $
Une Robe du Soir, de Madeleine Vionnet by Thayaht
GBT158 $
La Belle Viscontesse by Guy Arnoux
GBT161 $
Puis-Je Entrer
GBT160 $
La Promenade du Palais-Royal by Pierre Morgue
GBT164 $
Le Mignon Petit Soulier
GBT157 $
Les Premier Soupcons by Boutet de Monvel
GBT165 $
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Gazette du Bon Ton pochoir fashion plates 1912

We at Panteek are entranced by the beauty of these rare pochoir illustrations from the magazine Bon Ton Gazette, published by Lucien Vogel 1912-1925. As the editor and design genius of the Gazette du Bon Ton, Vogel created a publication that remains dazzling in it originality and artistry, and which led to his appointment as the art director of Vogue magazine.

Designed as a journal to appeal to the elite of Paris, full of high fashion plates and chatty articles on all aspects of life for the privileged, it transcends its mundane goals through the incredible quality of the publication from the high quality paper to the breath taking beauty of the prints and the high quality of the art throughout.
Here in the so called “forgotten years” of the 1920’s we see the art that evokes the whole gamut of that fabulously creative era in France, from the Impressionists and the Fauves to the Cubists, Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau & Deco periods.

The extravagantly vivid colours of the prints were created by the “pochoir” process, wherein single layers of color were added by hand to a lithograph using a stencil, in a precursor of the silk screening technique which is now widely used for art prints. Each print measures about 7 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches and is without foxing. On some, there is edge toning.

Many of the works of the fashion designers of the day were featured, including Worth, Lanvin, Pacquin and Poiret. The most notable artists utilized were Georges Barbier, Erte, Georges Lepape, Paul Iribe, Pierre Brissaud, Andre Marty, Felix Lorioux and Raoul Dufy along with many others. Some references cite Aubrey Beardsley as the source of the outlines & Leon Baskt for the colour. George Barbier was truly a luminary of the time, becoming hugely successful in the world of design and haute couture fashion illustration, contributing to Vogue as well as Bon Ton. His designs for the magazine, along with those of Lepape, are particularly prized.

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