Framing & Storage Hints for Antique Prints from Panteek


Framing Hints

·        Use only the best materials.  These cost a little extra, but will ensure the preservation of your art work in the best possible condition

·        The matt and all backing materials should be 100% rag, not just “acid free” as “acid free” is only a thin coating over a NON acid free core.

·        Use conservation glass to protect the art work from the light

·        Remember that light and humidity are the enemy, so hang your valuable pieces away from direct light in addition to using conservation glass

·        Do not allow the print to touch the glass when framed

·        Use archival hinges or protocols for hinging the art to the matt.

·        Do not dry mount, or permanently fix the artwork to the backing as this decreases the value and damages the artwork

·        Use a framer who is knowledgeable about conservation techniques


Storage of Art Work

·        If you do not plan to frame your artwork, it is best to store them flat in a dry environment away from light, preferably in an archival box, or
between sheets of archival board.  Archival board can be bought at most framers, & inexpensive archival boxes can be ordered from Hollinger 1-800-634-0491.

·        Do not store prints in plastic, even archival plastic for any length of time as tiny amounts of moisture may collect and damage the art work 



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