Eduard Winkler Abbildungen Sämmtlicher Arzneigewachse 1832

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Strawberry, Raspberry
WIK4 $35
Title Page
WIK2 $25
Leaves, Flowers
WIK6 $35
Daphne Mezereum
WIK7 $45
Althaea officinalis
WIK24 $45
Lythrum salicaria & Saxifraga granulata
WIK9 $45
Autumn Crocus, Colchicum autumnale
WIK20 $45
Orchis ustulata
WIK33 $35
Gladiolus imbricatus
WIK18 $45
Berberis vulgaris
WIK25 $45
Malva sylvestris
Erythraea centaurium
WIK27 $45
Ledum palustre
WIK28 $35
Dictmanus albus
WIK29 $35
Onois spinosa
WIK30 $35
Tanacetum vulgare
WIK34 $45
Pulsatilla vulgaris
WIK55 $45
Linaria vulgaris
WIK42 $45
Convolvulus sepium & arvensis
WIK44 $45
Carlina acaulis
WIK38 $55
Primula veris
WIK41 $45
Lactuca virosa
WIK46 $45
Euphorbia palustris
WIK47 $45
Aristolochia clematitis
WIK48 $45
Aconitum cammarum
WIK49 $45
Aconitum tauricum
WIK50 $45
Aconitum napelles
WIK51 $45
Aconitum pyramidale
WIK52 $45
Chicory, Cichorium intybus
Aconitum stoerkianum
WIK54 $45
Viola tricolor
WIK58 $45
Pasque Flower Pulsatilla pratensis
WIK57 $45
Polygala amara & uliginosa
Symphytum officinale
WIK65 $45
Cydonia vulgaris
WIK62 $55
Cerassus avium
WIK66 $35
Rhamnus catharticus
WIK67 $35
Currant, Ribes rubrum
WIK63 $55
Cerasus padus
WIK69 $45
Thyme, Thymus serpyllum
WIK70 $45
Oregano, Origanum vulgare
WIK71 $45
Pulegium vulgare
Mint, Mentha crispa
WIK73 $45
Lactua scariola
WIK74 $45
Mint, Mentha viridis
WIK75 $45
Mint, Mentha aquatica
WIK76 $45
Teucrium chamaedrys
WIK77 $45
Mint, Mentha crispata
WIK78 $45
Rumex pratensis
WIK82 $45
Bryony, Bryonia dioica
WIK83 $45
Bryony, Bryonia alba
WIK84 $45
Iceland Moss, Cetraria islandica
WIK85 $45
Allium victorialis
Lycoperdon bovista & Parmelia parietina
WIK87 $45
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Eduard Winker Abbildungen Sämmtlicher Arzneigewachse

Abbildungen Sämmtlicher Arzneigewachse Deutschlands was published in Leipzig during the years 1832-34 by Dr. Eduard Winkler (1799-1862), a German botanist, scholar and teacher.

It is a beautiful work encompassing a comprehensive study of flora with pharmaceutical properties, particularly plants found in Germany. It represented a self study for students of botany, medicine and pharmacy as well as homeopathic practitioners. It was published over the period in association with the “Magazine fur Industrie and Literatur.”

The prints are on light creamy, wove J Whatman paper with watermarks on a number of prints. They are strong impressions, with beautiful, original hand-coloring and plate marks showing well on three sides with some trimmed to the platemark on the top of the print which does not detract from the quality of the image and would easily frame out. Each print measures 7 1/4 x 8 1/4 inches.

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