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Sugar pea, golden melon, parsley,
Milan turnip, cabbage

VM35 $95
Lettuce, Windsor bean, green Windsor bean, white corn, white onion, Strasburgh beet
Swedish turnip, endive, shallot, white radish, yellow turnip,
cantaloup, Cayenne pepper VM24 $95
Celery, red potato, russet potato, garlic, white radish, red cabbage, yellow tomato VM19 $95
Onion, Carrot, Radish, VM1 $95 Yellow Beetroot, Onion, Mangel, Turnip,Red Carrot, Parsnip, Spanish Onion VM3 $95
Red Carrot, Princesse Potato,Ohio Squash, VM28 $95 Radish, Paxton's supreme Pea, Yellow Beet, Valparaiso Squash VM29 $95
Betroot, Carrot, Radish,Mangel-Wurzel,TurnipVM2 $95 Turnip, Potato, Cantalope Melon, Radish VM18 $95
 Cucumber, Artichoke, Pepper, Radish,Mangel-Wurzel VM16 $95 Cornsalad, Kohlrabi, Turnip, Potato, Carrot, Nasturtium, Oxalis WM20 $95
Carrots, turnip, beet, kohl rabi, onion
VM4 $95
Red Besson Lettuce, potato rosette, Grecian cucumber, turnip radish, beet
VM33 $95

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