Robert Thornton Botanical Extracts 1810

Eruption of Mount Aetna in 1669
Full margins not show due to size but intact
Side margins about 3/4 inch wide, additional margin top and bottom not shown
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This print measures approximately 24 inches by 18 inches

We are pleased to offer a selection of prints from Botanical Extracts: or philosophy of botany by Robert John Thornton, London 1810. These engravings are after artists such as Warner, Sydenham Edwards, Peter Henderson, and Philip Reinagle. Each large folio botanical engraving depicts a single flower or plant specimen. Additionally, two double prints illustrate the harvesting and preparation of tea in China.

Robert John Thornton was born in 1768 to a successful writer. After three years study in medicine, he became enamored with the world of botany, and set out almost immediately on his most famous work New Illustrations of the Sexual System of Linnaeus, of which the illustrious Temple of Flora is a part. The production of these works nearly drove him to bankruptcy, even though they were funded with his rather sizable inheritance. Thornton attempted to avert financial disaster by petitioning Parliament to form the Royal Botanic Lottery, with the works of his botanical career, including The Botanical Extracts, serving as prizes. The lottery was not successful, as Thornton left his family nearly penniless when he died in 1837.

(References include: Blunt, The Art of Botanical Illustration, 1950, pgs. 203-208; and Johnston, Clevelands Treasures from the World of Botanical Literature, 1998, pgs. 103-105).

Each print measures approximately 12 ½ by 18 inches, with the doubles at 23 by 18 inches. The paper is strong and is still quite white, with some bearing an 1810 watermark. The prints have been recently hand colored by one of the last remaining professional colorists in England. There is no foxing or text offset. These prints are in amazing condition, given their age of almost 200 years.

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