Simon Thomassin Recueil des Statues de Versailles 1724

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Tritons et Nayades
Venus ala Coquille
TSN47 $55
Bacchus ou L'Automne
TSN135 $55
Ceres ou L'Este
TSN134 $55
Flore ou le Printem
TSN133 $55
Saturne ou L'Hyver
TSN132 $55
TSN46 $55
Le Gladiateur Mourant
Le Sphinge et L'Enfant
TSN84 $55
Deux Fleuves en Barelief
TSN143 $55
Le Lion et le Sanglier
TSN140 $55
Le Chien et le Cerf
TSN141 $55
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Simon Thomassin Recueil des Statues de Versailles 1724

We are pleased to offer a collection of charming early copper plate engravings from the Recueil des Statues, Groupes, Fontaines, Termes, Vases, Et Autres magnifiques Ornemens du Chateau & Parc de Versailles, by Simon Thomassin. The prints are on fine chain-lined paper that measures approximately 9 inches by 7 inches, with some horizontal prints measuring up to 12 ˝ inches by 9 inches.

This work is a beautifully illustrated guide to the palace of Versailles, depicting all of its statues and ornaments of the gardens and fountains by Simon Thomassin (1653-1732), a famous Paris engraver and member of the French Academy with the title "Graveur du Roy", or “Engraver of the King.” King Louis XIV, to whom the book is dedicated, to showcase the King’s ‘admiration of the universe’, commissioned this work in 1689.

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