Susemihl Bird Prints 1800-1817

While our images are electronically watermarked, the antique prints themselves are not.

Osprey, Aquila haliaetos SL6 $195
Each print measures approximately 12 1/4 by 17 1/4 inches

Seldom have we seen birds so strongly and majestically rendered as the engravings by Johann Conrad Susemihl in the work Teutsche Ornighologie oder Naturgeschicte aller Vogel Teutschalnds in naturgetreuen Abbildungen und Beschreibunge (1800-1817).

This magnificent and very rare work was published in Germany in answer to the great ornithological works of the time being published in other European countries.  The birds of prey, in particular, are splendid examples of the artistry and craft of the finest German illustrators and printers of the early 1800’s. The illustrations were drawn & engraved by H. Curtmann, Johann Conrad Susemihl, E.F Lichthammer, Johann Theodor Susemihl (brother of J.C.) & Erwin Eduard Susemihl (son of J.C.) 

It is a very rare work indeed to find in the first edition, and even more so to find single prints in commerce, with very few available, and even more rarely, the superb selection of the finest birds that we are offering.  The birds are very large, some life size and the birds of prey fill the page in their brooding magnificence, the detail of their plumage superbly rendered in these copper engravings. 

This folio work was printed in 22 parts containing 132 plates; however, the 22nd part, printed in 1817, which included the subscribers’ list, is seldom found with the main body of the work. Originally designed to be issued in four parts annually commencing in 1800, printing was disrupted by the Napoleonic Wars and the 21st part was completed in 1811.  During the 7 year hiatus between the printing of the main body of the work and the 22nd part, many subscribers went ahead and had the 21 parts bound into a single volume, hence the scarcity of the 22nd part of six plates and subscribers’ list.

Each print measures approximately 12 1/4 by 17 1/4 inches.  The original, hand-coloured copper engravings were printed on strong, soft white, wove paper which is in good condition, some with water marks and light mostly marginal foxing.  We are pleased to be able to offer a superb selection of these prints which is rarely seen. 

References: Anker pg 52; Nissen IVB907; Sitwell, Fine Bird Books pg 79

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