Antique Prints from Schubert 1889


While our images are electronically watermarked, the antique prints themselves are not.

Zeus, Flat Fish, Perch SCT15 $45
Each print measures approximately 16 1/4 inches by 12 1/2 inches.

We are currently offering a selection of prints from a fragment of Naturgelchicte des Teirreichs, or Natural History of the Animal Realm by Dr Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert, a large picture atlas for school & home. This is another Bilder Buche in the wonderful tradition of German children's books & similar to the Hanselmann that has been such a favorite. We seek these prints out in Europe, as they are a charming window into a bygone era. This work was published in the 1889 after drawings from the most outstanding artists of the day. These vivid old chromolithographs, heightened with gum arabic, are prints in the large folio edition size of approximately 16 1/4 inches wide by 12 1/2 inches long.

Each is a tableau addressing a topic, such as Shells, Fish, Mammals, Turtles, or Butterflies and speaks to the insatiable and eclectic curiosity of the day. Imagine browsing  through such a picture atlas at school, or with your children at home. What joy!

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