Reichenow Parrot Prints 1878

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Golden-tailed Parrot, Black-winged Parakeet, Green-banded Parakeet, Barraband's Parrot, Mitred Parrot, Hooded Parrot, Vulturine Parrot, Little Amazon Parrot RWP24 $250
Each print is folio size, measuring approximately 11 inches wide by 15 1/2 inches long.

We are delighted to present to you this exceptionally RARE and beautiful work by Dr. Anton Reichenow (1847-1941), published in 1878-1883. These are ORIGINAL antique prints from the first edition, not the reproductions commonly found. Not only are these prints superbly decorative, they also represent the peak of ornithological science at the time of publication. The parrots are organized by family and grouped in a highly ornamental and lively manner, drawn with startling accuracy by the famous wildlife artist Gustav Mützel (1839-1893). The coloring of the parrots is as fresh and vivid as the day they were first published and many are highlighted with gum arabic. In all, there are 257 illustrations of all species then known from Australia, New Guinea, Asia, Philippines, Africa and America on 33 richly coloured chromo lithographs, of which we are offering the complete set.

Anton Reichenow was a German zoologist & ornithologist who specialized in birds of Africa. He wrote prolifically, publishing 288 works including Die Vögel Afrikas 1900-1905, the benchmark ornithological work for this continent. He succeeded his father-in-law as both the curator of the Berlin Zoological Museum in 1874 & Director of the German Ornithological Society in 1893.

Traveling extensively in Africa, through the Ivory Coast, Gabon & the Cameroons, he discovered many new species & sent thousands of specimens to the Berlin museum. Reichenow was active for almost 50 years and made a notable contribution to ornithological studies in the entire European continent at the turn of the 20th century. Seven species of birds are named for him.

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Each print is folio size, measuring approximately 11 inches wide by 15 1/2 inches long. The paper is thick, high quality wove, white in colour and entirely free of foxing. A copy of the title page and descriptive text will be provided. The prints are in superb condition and it is rare indeed to find such superb quality & a complete selection.

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