Joseph Paxton’s Flower Garden 1884

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Blue Bollea
Bollea coelestis
Dark Coloured Variety of Autumnal Laelia
Laelia autumnalis atro-rubens
PFG188 $75
Klaboch's Pescatorea
Pescatorea klabochorum
PFG189 $75
Varieties of the Ruby-lipped Cattleya
Cattleya labiata
PFG190 $75
Purple-stained Laelia
Laelia purpurata
PFG191 $75
Walker's Cattleya
Cattleya Walkeriana
PFG192 $75
Transparent Dendrobe
Dendrobium transparens
PFG209 $45
Dark-eyed Fringed Dendrobe Orchid
Dendrobium fimbriatum oculatum
PFG194 $75
Three-coloured Vanda Orchid
Vanda tricolor, no text
PFG195 $55
Fiery-Red Mormodes Orchid
Mormodes igneum
PFG196 $45
Thick Leaved Air Plant
PFG197 $55
Purple-Lipped Oncid Orchid
Oncidium haematochilum
PFG198 $55
Pink Butterfly Plant
Phalaenopsis rosea
PFG199 $55
Haytian Laeliops Orchid
Laeliopsis domingensis
PFG200 $55
Porte's Variety of the Intermediate Butterfly Plant
Phalaenopsis intermedia porteri
PFG201 $55
Masters Cymbid Orchid
Cymbidium mastersii
PFG202 $45
Pallid Cattleya Orchid
Cattleya pallida
PFG203 $75
White and Sanguine Dendrobe Orchid
Dendrobium albosanguineum
PFG204 $55
Three-Tounged Oncid Orchid
Oncidium trilingue
PFG205 $35
Long Tailed Lily Lady's Slipper Orchid
Cypripedium candatum
PFG206 $75
Long-petaled Epidendrum Orchid
Epidendrum longipetalum
PFG207 $45
Hooded Oncid
Oncidium cucullatum
PFG211 $45
Cervantes Odontoglot
Odontoglossum cervantesii
PFG212 $45
Racemose Solenid
Solenidium racemosum
PFG213 $45
Odontoglossom Vexillarium
PFG214 $55
Golden Swan Orchis
Cynoches aureum
PFG224 $35
Sessile Orchid
Oncidium sessile
PFG223 $45
Sweet Trichopil
Trichopilia suavis
PFG217 $55
Carmine Trichopil
Trichopilia coccinea
PFG218 $55
Spotted, Bottle Pleione
Pleione maculata, lagenaria
PFG219 $45
Variegated Oncid
Oncidium variegatum
PFG220 $55
Thick-leaved Cleisostome
Cleisostoma crassifolium
PFG221 $45
Speckled Odontoglot
Odontoglossum naevium
PFG222 $45
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Joseph Paxton’s Flower Garden 1884

An illustrious English horticulturist, Joseph Paxton was born in 1801. Without formal education, his dedication to horticulture eventually earned him a seat in the House of Commons and a knighthood. His Magazine of Botany series, published in 16 volumes from 1834-1849 have become highly prized for their brilliant colors and the outstanding beauty of the plants illustrated. With Professor Lindley, he also published Paxton’s Flower Garden, usually found in three volumes with 108 hands colored plates.

It is from this much rarer and larger work that we are offering these chromolithographs with hand finishing and gum arabic. It is a work distinguished by the artistry and graceful composition of the plates, which also retain the beautiful and intense coloring that the Magazine of Botany is noted for. Each print is large at approximately 8 ½ by 11 inches and is accompanied by the relevant descriptive text whenever possible. The condition of these prints is excellent, with the paper a bright color & almost entirely free of foxing. Please inspect the image carefully, as it is very accurate. These prints are about 133 years old and some of the most vivid and unusual prints of this entire epoch.

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