Passeri Etruscan Vases from Picturae Etruscorum Vasculis 1775

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Title Page
PAS001 $125
Title Page
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Title Page
In Museo Vaticano, In the Museum of the Vatican
In Bibliotheca Vaticana, In the Library of the Vatican
PAS292 $125
In Cimel III. Alberici Albergotti
Postica eiusdem Vasis, ibidem
In Museo Cl. Comitis Thoms
PAS47 $125
Etruscan Vase
In Museo Riccardio
PAS75 $125
In Museo Vaticano
PAS228 $125
Romae Ex Museo Ficoroniano
PAS74 $125
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Giovanni Battista Passeri Etruscan Vases 1775

Giovanni Battista Passeri (d1679). was born in Rome and came to be the antiquary to the Grand Duke of Tuscany. He wrote many treatises touting Etruscan culture to be far superior to his own; this belief was the inspiration for this collection of vase engravings. Many of Passeri's drawings and paintings are in Museums around the world including the National Gallery of Ireland and the British Museum. Passeri's studied under Domenichino a famous Italian Baroque painter.

These superb engravings are from an influential three volume publication illustrating 249 vases from important collections all over Italy. Many of these vases were housed in the Galleria Clementina of the Vatican Library. Sadly, many of the vases illustrated in this work have been lost, making this Italian vase collection by Passeri not just beautiful, but illustrations of lost artifacts gone forever.


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