Mitchell's Atlas Antique Maps from 1865

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New Grenada, Venezuela, Guiana, Peru, Equador, Argentine Confederation
MTC39 $45
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Cape Breton, Prince Edwards Island
MTC40 $45
California, San Francisco, Great Salt Lake
Illinois, Chicago
MTC42 $75
Maine, Portland
MTC43 $75
Vermont, New Hampshire
MTC44 $75
MTC46 $75
Iowa and Missouri
MTC48 $75
Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas
MTC50 $75
MTC51 $75
England and Wales
MTC65 $75
France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Corsica
MTC66 $65
Austrian Empire, Italian States, Turkey in Europe, Greece
MTC59 $65
Asia Geopolitical Divisons
MTC54 $65
Europe Geopolitical Divisons
MTC55 $65
Hindoostan, Farther India, China and Tibet
MTC56 $65
Russia in Europe, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland Belgium
MTC57 $65
Africa, St. Helena Island
MTC58 $65
Persia, Turkey in Asia, Afghanistan, Beloochistan
MTC61 $65
Canada West
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Mitchell's Atlas Antique Maps from 1865

Samuel Augustus Mitchell (1792-1864) was a teacher early on, who became dissatisfied with the quality of textbooks available. Moving to Philadelphia, an important center of publishing at the time, he issued A New American Atlas with J.H. Young, his principal engraver. An early adopter of steel plate engraving, his company grew to dominate map publishing of the mid 1800’s. Historically, it was an important time for America, as the Civil War came to a close and the work of uniting the country proceeded along with expansion to the West and continued economic growth. Thus, it was a time of great change for cartographers.

We are pleased to offer hand colored maps from Mitchell’s New General Atlas, 1865. Each print map measures 12 1/4 inches by 15 1/4 inches, with four double maps measuring 23 1/2 inches by 15 1/4 inches. The condition is excellent, with the hand coloring bright and strong, and very little age toning. On a few, there are marginal fox marks, as shown.

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