Maund Botanical Garden 1825

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Yellow Noisette Rose, Menziesia, Caucasian Pink, Stemless Star of Bethlehem
MBG183 $55
Noble Bell-flower, Whorled Primula, Refracted Star of Bethlehem, Ruddy Horse-chesnut
MBG214 $45
Celestial Rose, Coreopsis, Dragon's Head, Loose Strife
Myrtle-leaved Rhododendron, Spiked Spiderwort, Ural St. John's Wort, Long-flowered Bell-flower
MBG193 $45
Superb Lily, Long-flowered Skull-cap, Showy Calandrinia, Bearded Spirea
Bundled-flowered Andromeda, Haller's Anemone, Pleasing Purple Primrose, Goat's-foot Wood-sorrel
MBG113 $45
Glandular Balsam, Small-leaved Cotoneaster, Eatable-rooted Peony
MBG208 $45
Scarlet-flowered Fig Marigold, Ringing Bell-Flower, Dragon Arum, Spotted-flowered Lily
MBG244 $45
Painted Gailardia, Ice-cold Gentian, Pygmy Water Lily, Sad Larkspur
MBG161 $45
Waterhouse's Cineraria, Oblong-leaved Honeysuckle, Rosy Rock Rose
MBG224 $45
Alpine Aster, Silver-leaved Milfoil, Cloth of Gold Crocus
MBG51 $45
Blue Lobelia, Slender-leaved Coreopsis, Hairy-leaved Rhododendron, Greeland Scurvy-grass
MBG16 $45
Cluster-flowered Fuchsia, Hairy Kalmia, Great-flowered Centrocarpha, Long-horned Touch-Me-Not
MBG223 $45
Woolly Thyme, Chequered Fritillaria, Early Blue-flowered Phlox, Dog's-Tooth Violet
MBG46 $45
Spring Bulbocodium, Fine-leaved Wall-Flower, Two-spiked Aponogeton, Large-flowered Pinguicula
MBG140 $45
Palmated Anemone, Great-flowered Balm, Venus's Looking-Glass, Chinese Lychnis
MBG37 $45
Showy Dragon's Head, Round-headed Buddlea, Oval-leaved Phlox, Primrose
MBG15 $45
Altrea Frutex, Tuberous Swallow-wort, Purple-flowered Oenothera, Pyrenean Teucrium
MBG20 $45
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Maund Botanical Garden 1825

In 1825 Benjamin Maund started the publication of a new periodical, The Botanic Garden. Maund published a series of 13 volumes, from 1825-1851. The plates are finely hand colored and unusual in that four plants are represented on each page. The work is of a precision, beauty and intense color unrivalled in all of botanical illustration. The plates are by Mrs. E. Bay, Misses E. & S. Maund, E D Smith & Mills & engraved by S Watts. Each print measures approximately 7 inches wide by 9 inches long. All plates in this series of 312 are ORIGINAL HAND COLORED engravings and of the utmost delicacy and beauty. Each flower is a little jewel of skillful artistry. The condition of the plates is excellent with paper strong and not brittle and still quite white.

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