John Latham Antique Bird Prints

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White-tailed Thrush - Europe
EJU268 $45
Crested Coot - Madagascar
EJU279 $45
Orange-Winged Nuthatch - Australia
EJU270 $75
Hook-billed Honey-eater, Cardinal Creeper - Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand
EJU274 $85
Garnet-throated Humming-Bird - S. America
EJU275 $55
Tufted-necked Humming Birds - S. America
EJU276 $55
White-headed tody - S. America
EJU272 $65
Red-necked Grebe - England
EJU281 $45
The Yacou - S. America
EJU282 $35
Spotted-sided Grosbeak - Australia
EJU283 $85
Vareigated Chatterer - S. America
EJU284 $45
Nilid Grosbeak - Australia
EJU285 $85
White-eared Bustard - Africa
EJU286 $45
Banded Goatsucker - Australia
Hook-billed Pigeon - South Seas Islands
EJU288 $75
Semipalmated Goose with the Trachea - Australia
EJU289 $75
Hooded Merganser - England
EJU290 $45
Black-crowned Bunting - Sandwich Islands
EJU271 $65
Otaheite Swallow - Tahiti
EJU298 $65
Slender-billed Honey-eater - Australia & Sandwich Islands
EJU293 $85
Variegated Tinamou - S. America
EJU278 $45
Lindo Chatterer - India
Red bellied Flycatchers - Australia
EJU296 $85
Crimson-bellied Flycatcher - Australia
EJU297 $75
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John Latham Antique Bird Prints

We are very pleased to offer these fine hand-colored engravings drawn and etched by John Latham (1740-1837), English physician, museum owner and naturalist. Latham was keenly interested in the study of birds, collected many specimens from around the world and compiled “Index Ornithologicus” listing all 3000 known birds of the world. Linnaeus had listed 444 in 1758, which demonstrates Latham’s remarkable achievement. He named hundreds of birds newly discovered including many from Australia and New Zealand, causing him to be known as the "grandfather of Australian ornithology". All of the hand colored engravings offered at this time are from the English Edition of 1821. Reference to Latham’s works can be found in Sitwell’s Fine Bird Books (pg 114) and Jackson’s Dictionary of Bird Artists of the World (pg 329).

Each originally hand colored engraving is on fine hand-wove paper that measures approximately 8 1/4 x 10 1/4 inches. On some there is toning, foxing and light text offset as shown that does not detract from the beauty of the engravings. We have made more allowances than usually for condition in order to show so many birds from Australia and New Zealand. Though the engravings are very much in the style of the 18th century, they are finer & with more color and detail than many of the other famous works of this time. These are antique prints guaranteed to be the stated age and almost 200 years old. Each print is accompanied by the descriptive text, and a copy of the title page.

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