La Guirlande Album mensuel d'Art et de Littérature Original Pochoir Prints 1919

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Robert Makios
La Femme à l'Ombrelle
LGU31 $125
Title Page
LGU32 $45
LGU33 $175
La lettre attendue
LGU34 $245
E. Blanche
La Neige au Japon
LGU36 $195
Robert L. Polack
Charmante, Robe de soie noire rehaussée de dessins
LGU39 $165
L'heure de lecture
LGU40 $165
Mademoiselle A Rome
Création Melnotte-Simonin
LGU41 $165
Pour rêver un peu
LGU42 $165
Robe su soir de chez Marie-Louise Barclay
LGU43 $245
J.G. Domergue
Etude de Femme
Romanesque modèle de chez Jenny
LGU45 $175
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La Guirlande. Album mensuel d'Art et de Littérature Original Pochoir Prints 1919

We were thrilled to discover an almost complete set of this rare and highly decorative art deco periodical, Brunelleschi's La Guirlande album mensuel d'art et littérature. Published in only 800 copies, of 11 issues total, it showcases all the notable artistic talents of the genre — Georges Barbier, Umberto Brunelleschi, Domergue, Cadogan, Bonnette, Blanche, A. Rome, Cito, Tacquoy, Wegener and more. Brunelleschi was the editor as well as contributing many illustrations and Jean Saude was responsible for the vibrant pochoir coloring. Both Barbier and Brunelleschi were at the height of their artistic life and La Guirlande reflects the strength of their talents.

George Barbier was truly a luminary of the time, becoming hugely successful in the world of design and haute couture fashion illustration, contributing to Vogue as well as Bon Ton and Journal des Dames. Brunelleschi worked in both illustration and stage design in Paris, including the Bon Ton Gazette & for the works notable authors such as Hans Christian Anderson.

Suffice it to say, that these prints are rare jewels, suitable for any modern lady’s boudoir and more, with a breathtaking beauty of colour and design. The paper is mostly creamy, with a few prints being somewhat darker, with edge toning on some which in no way detracts from their beauty. A few prints are on a different card stock from most. Each print measures approximately 6 3/4 inches by 10 1/2 with brilliant pochoir colours and no foxing.

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