Johannes Kip State of Gloucestershire Antique Architecture Prints 1712

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Chepston Castle belonging to his Grace the Duke of Beauford
KIP511 Price: $595
Sale Price: $375
Berkley Castle the Seat of Earl of Berkley
KIP528 Price: $525
Sale Price: $325
Dyrham the Seat of William Blathwait
KIP516 Price: $525
Sale Price: $325
Battsford the Seat of Richard Freeman Esq
KIP519 Price: $525
Sale Price: $325
Syston The Seat of Sam Trotman Esq
KIP546 Price: $525
Sale Price: $325
Kingsweston The Seat of Edward Southwell Esq
KIP534 Price: $525
Sale Price: $325
Seavenhampton the Seat of Sir William Dodwell
KIP531 Price: $525
Sale Price: $325
Over the Seat of John Dowell Esq
JKC578 Price: $495
Sale Price: $275
Sneed Park the Seat of Joseph Jackson Esq
KIP539 Price: $495
Sale Price: $275
Knole the Seat of Tho Chester Esq
KIP541 Price: $495
Sale Price: $275
Toddington the Seat of the Lord Tracy
KIP563 Price: $595
Sale Price: $375
Easington the Seat of Nataniel Stevens Esq
KIP560 Price: $495
Sale Price: $275
Clower Wall the Seat of Francis Wyndham Esq
JKC28 Price: $495
Sale Price: $275
Lupiatt the Seat of Thomas Stephens Esq.
KIP504 Price:
Sale Price: $275
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Johannes Kip State of Gloucestershire Antique Prints 1712

Johannes Kip (1653-1722) was a Dutchman who settled in England at the end of the 17th century. A talented draughtsman & engraver he produced the engravings for the remarkable "The Ancient & Present State of Gloucestershire", published by Sir Robert Atkyns in 1712. We are pleased to offer a selection of original copper engravings from this work, all in excellent condition. They have been recently hand colored by our professional English colorist. The prints measure approximately 17 ½ inches wide by 16 inches long and are on fine, chain lined hand made paper. Each is accompanied by a copy of the title page.

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