Jacquin Botanical Prints 1763

While our images are electronically watermarked, the antique prints themselves are not.

JN110 $145
Prints measure approximately 8 3/4 by 14 inches

The stunning botanical engravings we offering here were drawn by Nicolaus von Jacquin who worked extensively in the later part of the eighteenth century and was a contemporary of Joseph Pierre Buc'hoz. Jacquin was born in Leiden, Holland but worked extensively in Vienna and published as Nicolai Josephi Jacquin. It was there he was commissioned by Emperor Francis I to develop a comprehensive catalogue of the plants in Schoenbrunn gardens which was published as Plantarum Rariorum Horti Caesarei Schoenbrunnensis Descriptiones et Icones. This extensive work contained five hundred fine botanical illustrations drawn by Jacquin and engraved by Scharf and Sedelmayer.

We are offering a selection of plates from Selectarum Stirpium Americanarum Historia , strong illustrations on fine creamy white chain lined paper with watermarks on many plates. The drawings have an elegance that is unrivalled in the art of botanical illustration. Each print measures approximately 8 3/4 by 14 inches.

References: Great Flower Books 1700-1900 (Sitwell) pg 104, The Art of Botanical Illustration (Blunt) pg 156

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