Japanese Sosaku Hanga Tree Prints

While our images are electronically watermarked, the antique prints themselves are not.

Tree Scene 123 with silver
No. 78/600 by Hajime Namiki 16" x 9 3/4" 2006
HJN112 $425

For a long time, we have admired and collected works from Asia.  We are pleased to offer this collection of Sosaku Hanga prints one of today's top artists of Japan, Hajime Namiki.

Namiki (b. 1947) began his art career studying sculpture as a student of the legendary artist Shigeru Ogura, but found a talent in carving wood blocks, achieving a mastery in color composition. Although he works in the tradition of the Japanese Sosaku Hanga masters, Namiki uses unconventional materials in his prints, such as silver and gold leaf and oil-based pigments. His motifs follow the Japanese principle of observing change. Trees are a central theme for their growth, change in seasons, and the subtle changes in light and hue throughout a single day. 

Each print is a signed, numbered, limited edition print; please see item title for number, year and size. All are in pristine condition, very delicate, printed on a stunning silver background which the photographs cannot do justice to.

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