Robert Gibbings Woodblock Prints

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The Sunbather
GBR1 $225
A Lizard and a Sphinx!
GBR2 $185
Mrs. Hezekiah Brown
GBR3 $185 $175
Toucans (one can't!) La Guaira
GBR4 $215
High Society, Grenada
GBR5 $195
The Ancient Tunis
GBR6 $175
Noontime in Italy
GBR7 $185

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Robert Gibbings Woodblock Prints

Robert Gibbings (1889-1954) was one of the most influential wood block artists and writers of his time and a familiar figure on British radio and TV. He enjoyed widespread popularity and is credited with promoting the art of wood engraving in the twentieth century more than any other person, encouraging its growth through the foundation of the Society of Wood Engravers.

During the years he owned the Golden Cockerel Press, 72 illustrated books were published, including 19 of his own. He also became director of the Penguin Illustrated Classics and lectured in book-production and engraving at Reading School of Art. Married twice, with 7 children, it was not until the end of his life that he found a degree of tranquility in his final relationship with the sister of his second wife. They settled by the River Thames in the picturesque Footbridge Cottage in Long Wittenham. There Gibbons is buried in the churchyard, his grave marked by a simple headstone carved by his friend the sculptor Michael Black and featuring the crossed quill and graver, his personal symbol.

Each original woodblock is in excellent condition, on strong creamy paper, printed by him at the Golden Cockerel Press, with the sheet measuring about 9 1/4 by 13 1/8 inches. They are now rare and show a beautiful range of subjects, including the Sunbather, one of his most popular woodblocks.

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