Musical Instruments Historic, Rare and Unique 1888

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Cetera by Antonius Stradivarius GBB28 $125

We are pleased to offer original chromolithographs from the first edition of “Musical Instruments Historic, Rare and Unique,” one of 1040 copies published in 1888. Each instrument pictured is a specific creation, most of which were on display at the 1885 International Inventions Exhibition in London. William Gibb’s finely detailed images have aroused an interest in fine musical instruments for more than a century.

 William Gibb was an artist and lithographer in Edinburgh during the late 1800s and early 1900s who specialized in scale depictions. Other studies included a collection of ancient Scottish weapons (1881) and historical buildings of Dundee (1895).

 The text describing the specific instruments and their histories comes from Alfred James Hipkins. The piano tuner-turned-musicologist wrote a series of works related to instruments and composers throughout his life, some with his daughter Edith. The title page of “Musical Instruments” cites Hipkins as the author of the “pianoforte” entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica. 

Each print measures approximately 12” by 15 ¾” on the thick and creamy paper distinctive of the first printing. Accompanying each print is Hipkins’s original descriptive text of the historic instrument, each a superb creation brilliantly presented in these fine chromlithographs.

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