John Evelyn Sylva, Discourse of Forest Trees 1786

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Title Page
JEV52 $
Title Page
A South East View of the Green Dale Oak near Welbeck
JEV54 $
The Occidental Plane Tree
The White Poplar Tree
JEV75 $
The common Elm Tree
JEV76 $95
The Silver Firr Tree
JEV55 $
The Crack Willow
JEV32 $115
The Yew Tree- some marginal foxing not shown
JEV15 $75
The Occidental Plane Tree
JEV66 $95
The Quicken Tree
JEV68 $115
The Cork Tree
JEV69 $
The Alder Tree
JEV78 $95
The Occidental Plane Tree
JEV73 $
The Birch Tree
JEV34 $115
The common Ash Tree
The common Maple Tree
JEV80 $85
The Hornbeam Tree
JEV81 $85

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John Evelyn Sylva, Discourse of Forest Trees 1786

We are delighted to offer a selection of prints from Sylva, or a Discourse of Forest Trees by John Evelyn, published in 1786. This influential volume was originally published in 1664 in response to the destruction of forests in England's wooded estates after the Interregnum. It inspired the land owners of the day to engage in reforestation, which not only ensured a steady supply of commercial timber for future generations, but also helped conserve the natural beauty of the English woodlands.

John Evelyn (1620-1706) was a life-long public servant and an avid gardener. He was well known as a friend of royalty and as a learned man. John lived during fascinating times, witnessing the Great London Fire, the English Revolution & subsequent rule of Oliver Cromwell, the Restoration, and the reign of Charles II. Today he is remembered primarily for his diary, a treasure trove of information on the life and manners of 17th century England.

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