Dykes Tulip Prints 1930

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Tulip hungarica Borb. DYT41 $65
Each plate measures approximately 10.75 x 14.75 inches

Notes on a Tulip Species was prepared by William Rickatson Dykes, a Secretary of the Royal Horticultural Society and author of The Genus Iris published in 1930. Credit for the publication of Notes on a Tulip Species, however, should rightly go to his wife, Elsie Katherine Dykes, who edited the work and provided the 54 plates of tulips that she, herself, drew and colored. Were it not for her efforts, this work might not have been published in 1930, five years after her husband's untimely death in an automobile accident.

Elise Katherine Dykes was an avid gardener who grew irises, tulips and all manner of bulbs and other plants in her garden at Bobbingcourt where she and her husband lived. From seedlings, she brought many tulips and irises to bloom and continued her husband's work after his death. Tragically, upon returning from the Chelsea Flower Show in 1933, Elise Dykes was killed in a train accident, one of five people who lost their lives. Known by her many friends as the “Lady of Irises,” a letter to the Gardener's Chronicle of June 3, 1933 from a Professor Armstrong said that, “There were no flowers at her funeral; nonetheless Irises everywhere breathed their silent prayer of grace, form, and charm of colour. Her memory is enshrined in the flower.” (Kramer: Women of Flowers A Tribute to Victorian Women Illustrators).

The folio plates we are pleased to offer are printed on heavy, semi-glossy stock and are in excellent condition. Each plate measures approximately 10.75 x 14.75 inches & is without text but a copy of the title page is included.

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