Donovan's Naturalist's Repository Birds 1823

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Black and White King's Fisher
Cayenne Shrike
DRB42 $45
Purple-Throated Chatterer
DRB14 $55
White-Billed Jacamar
DRB39 $55
Yellow-eared Creeper
Blue Bellied Finch
DRB10 $55
Speckled Manakin
DRB19 $65
Red-breasted Oriole
Black-capped Manakin
DRB48 $55
Glaucous Gull
DRB68 $45

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Donovan's Naturalist's Repository Birds 1823

Prints from Edward Donovanís wonderful Naturalist's Repository, published in 1823, are prized for the artistry and composition of each print, and the exotic beauty of the prints with their fine, intense hand coloring. Donovan drew the subjects from his own museum & the collections of such famous scientists as Sir Joseph Banks & Drury. As a wealthy prominent naturalist, Donovan had entree to all the great collections of the time. Each single print measures approximately 5 3/4 inches wide by 9 1/4 inches long. Prints are accompanied by the relevant original descriptive text.
All our prints are authentic hand colored antique prints, and the Donovans are about 180 years old. THESE PRINTS ARE EXTREMELY RARE.  

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