Dezallier D'Argenville Antique Shells Prints 1780

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Scallop Shells
Murex Shells
Murex Shells
Pen Shells
DZS181 $135
Tellin Shells
Tellin Shells
DZS183 $125
Auger Shells
DZS184 $135
Cone Shells
DZS185 $135
Whelk Shells
DZS186 $145
Cone Shells
DZS187 $135
Nerita Shells
DZS192 $135
Olive Shells
DZS189 $135
Turban Shells
DZS193 $135
Cone Shells
DZS194 $145
Spiny Scallop Shells
DZS195 $125
Goose Neck Barnacle Shells
DZS197 $95
Abalone Shells
DZS191 $145
Hammer Oyster Shell
DZS198 $95

Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Dezallier D'Argenville Antique Shells Prints 1780

We are pleased to present a selection of prints from La Conchyliologie ou Histoire Naturelle des Coquilles de Mer, d'Eau Douce, Terrestres et Fossiles by Dezallier d'Argenville, published in Paris in 1780.

Desallier d'Argenville was an advisor to King Louis XV and his work La Conchyliologie gained enormous popularity. He coined the word conchyliologie, or Conchology. The present much enlarged third edition is rarer than the first edition & was published posthumously by Jacques de Favanne and his son Jacques Guillaume. The excellent plates are after drawings by father and son and are engraved by Aveline.

The shells are arranged in unusually dynamic patterns which makes these 225 year old shells seem quite modern. They have been beautifully hand colored in England by one of the few remaining professional colorists whose specialty is fish and shells. The condition of the plates is excellent, on thick, high quality chain lined paper. The colors are very vibrant & there is almost no foxing as can be seen by the photos. Each print is folio size, measuring approximately 8 inches by 11 ½ inches. There is no descriptive text or title page as these prints were bought as a collection of prints. The photos are very accurate, so please review carefully. All our prints are authentic antique prints and guaranteed to be from the date stated. These prints are almost 200 years old.

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Dezallier Shell Prints

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