Dahlberg Architecture Prints 1859

While our images are electronically watermarked, the antique prints themselves are not.

Fortalitum Waxholm DHC008 $225
Each print measures approximately 13 tall by 16 wide.
Full margins are not shown.

We are currently offering from 1859 Dahlberg made in Sweden on beautiful early chain lined watermarked paper in woodcut form.  It is a beautiful edition of this magical work, full size and much more affordable than the 1696 version.

Dahlberg (1625-1703) was an engineer, soldier and author. As a young man in Stockholm, he studied the architecture of military buildings and bases. As a soldier, he served as director-general of fortifications until retiring a year before his death. His writings include a memoir of his life and a study of Charles X's military campaigns.

Although the Suecia Antiqua glorified the lands of Sweden, the engravings were created by French and Dutch artists, who could provide more detailed plates than Swedish artists. From Paris, Dahlberg engaged Jean Le Pautre, Jean Marot, F. Campion, and Nicolas and Adam Perelle. Two decades later, the Swedish government decided to move the project closer to home and granted the remainder of the production to the Dutch engravers Willem Swidde and Johannes Aveeleen.

Each folio print measures approximately 16" x 13" with some being much longer. There is no descriptive text, but a copy of the title page is provided.

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