Curtis Botanical Magazine Stapelia Cactus Prints 1787-1826

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Stapelia Bufonis, Toad-Flowered
CBM1676 $55
Cushioned Stapelia
Spotted-Flowered Stapelia
CBM1833 $55
Great-Flowered Stapelia
CBM585 $65
Gem-flowered Stapelia
CBM1839 $65
Star-Fish Stapelia
Bent-flowered Stapelia
CBM1890 $65
Dingy-Flowered Stapelia
CBM1234 $55
Long-Stalked Stapelia
Netted-Flowered Stapelia
CBM1662 $55
Variegated Stapelia
CBM26 $55
Bell-shaped Stapelia
CBM1661 $55
Bell-Flowered Stapelia
CBM1227 $55
Freckled Stapelia
CBM505 $55
Painted Stapelia
CBM1169 $55
Upright Stapelia
CBM2037 $55
Warty-Flowered Stapelia
CBM786 $55
Revolute-Flowered Stapelia
CBM724 $55
Twin-flowered Stapelia
CBM1326 $55
Straddling Stapelia
CBM1007 $55
Reclining Stapelia
CBM1397 $55
Elegant Stapelia
CBM1184 $55
Bearded Stapelia
CBM2401 $55
Starry Stapelia
Black-flowered Stapelia
CBM1648 $55
Waved-leaved Brachystelma
CBM3016 $55
Star-Flowered Melanthium
CBM694 $55

Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Curtis Botanical Magazine Prints 1787-1826

William Curtis began publication of the Botanical Magazine in February 1787 and it continued almost without interruption for 160 years. The images were engraved and hand-coloured by many artists including Sydenham Edwards, William Graves, James Sowerby, John Curtis, William Jackson Hooker, W.H. Fitch, Matilda Smith, Lillian Snelling and Stella Rose Craig. The plates are known for their fine detail and delicate hand coloring. The prints are all copper engravings to Volume 70, then continue with stone or zinc lithography until the introduction of color printing in 1948. It is the longest-running botanical magazine and was entirely hand colored until 1948. Even now, after all this time of living with Curtis prints, we are still left in awe by their beauty. Each single measures approximately 5 1/2 inches wide by 9 inches long. Prints are accompanied by the relevant original descriptive text.

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