Curtis Botanical Magazine Prints 1948-1980

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Aloe ciliaris
CTL763 $29
Lilium Mackliniae
CTL108 $29
Hedychium densiflorum
CTL325 $29
Typhonium Giraldii
CTL156 $29
Arisaema schimperianum
CTL474 $29
Arum creticum
CTL101 $29
Fritillaria cirrhosa
CTL255 $29
Lilium oxypetalum var. insigne
Fritillaria pontica var. ionica
CTL8 $29
Lenophyllum weinbergii
CTL750 $29
Euphorbia veneta
CTL482 $29
Thompsonella minutiflora
CTL782 $29
Kalanchoe robusta
CTL657 $29
Orostachys japonicus
CTL287 $29
Kalanchoe miniata
CTL378 $29
Echinocereus polyacanthus
CTL818 $29
Echeveria affinis
CTL824 $29
Mammillaria collinsii
CTL609 $29
Sedum obcordatum
CTL835 $29
Korolkowia Swewerzowii
CTL114 $29
Euphorbia wallichii
CTL442 $29
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Curtis Botanical Magazine Prints 1948-1980

William Curtis began publication of the Botanical Magazine in February 1787 and continued almost without interruption for 160 years. After Curtis edited the first 13 volumes, the publication continued under other editors. The prints were all copper engravings to Volume 70, then stone or zinc lithography until the introduction of color printing in 1948. For the first time we are offering prints from the 1948-1980 years.  Though printing methods have changed, in some ways time has stood still for this most unique and enduring publication.  We still have beautifully-drawn botanicals in lavish color on high quality paper, with the text even more detailed than in earlier years. Now, it is the turn of the great women illustrators to enchant, and we see in these pages work from Margaret Stones, Kristabel King, Victoria Gordon, Joanna Lowe, Stella Ross Craig, Lillian Snelling, Ann V Webster and Ann Davies. Each single measures approximately 5 1/2 inches wide by 9 inches long.

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