1856 Map Prints from Colton's Atlas of the World

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Title Page
CAA1 $125
Title Page
CAA2 $125
Eastern Hemisphere
CAA6 $145
Western Hemisphere
CAA7 $145
CAA34 $95
South America
CAA9 $135
Canada West and Upper Canada
CAA10 $115
Canada East and Lower Canada
CAA11 $95
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edwards Island
CAA12 $115
Northern America, British, Russian and Danish
CAA13 $95
West Indies, Bermuda Islands
CAA14 $165
Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico
CAA15 $175
CAA16 $95
Central America
CAA17 $115
Patagonia, South Orkney, Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands
CAA28 $85
CAA19 $125
East Indies
Spain and Portugal
CAA21 $95
CAA23 $75
CAA24 $95
Greece and the Ionian Republic
CAA29 $85
Turkey in Asia
CAA30 $75
CAA31 $95
Sweden and Norway
CAA32 $75
Holland and Belgium
CAA37 $75
CAA38 $75
Meteorology, Principal Plants,
CAA39 $65
Animal Kingdom, Bird Map, Productive Industry
CAA40 $65
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

1856 Colton's Atlas Of The World

Joseph Hutchins Colton was a prominent American mapmaker from 1831 to 1890. Born in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, he later moved to New York to found the J.H. Colton Company. He employed all the prominent cartographers of the day, and used quality papers and steel plates to produce a highly decorative line of maps, often hand colored.

We are pleased to offer original hand colored maps from Colton's important 1856 "Atlas of the World", covering both America and the rest of the world. Included are a Texas map with two inset plans for Galveston Bay and Sabine Lake showing roads and trails going into Mexico; Nebraska and Kanzas with an extra large Nebraska (no Montana and portions of Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin); a map for the Territories of New Mexico and Utah showing Fremont's 1844-45 routes; California with an inset of San Francisco and shows Atlantic and Pacific R.R. lines; Washington and Oregon Territories with extended land mass. Maps published by J.H. Colton can be found in Library of Congress, state collections, and university & museum collections.

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