Antique Carnivorous Prints from Walcott & Curtis

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Parrot Pitcherplant from Walcott
CRN1 $65
Drummond Pitcher plant from Walcott
CRN2 $65
Hooded Pitcherplant from Walcott
WLC3 $35
Trumpetleaf from Walcott
WLC25 $65
Sweet Pitcherplant from Walcott
WLC250 $65
Catesby Pitcherplant from Walcott
WLC400 $65
Purple Butterwort from Walcott
WLC235 $25
Northern Butterwort from Walcott
WLC198 $25
Venus Fly Trap from Curtis
CRN4 $4+5
Darlintonia Californica
California Pitcher Plant

Uvularia perfoliata from Curtis
CRN6 $35
Sarracenia flava by Curtis
CRN780 $
Broad-Lipped Purple Side-Saddle-Flower by Curtis
CRN849 $
Sarracenia variolaris by Curtis
CRN1710 $25
Pitcher Plant by Curtis
CRN2798 $75 NO TEXT
Ventricose Pitcher Plant by Curtis
CRN2629 $45
Drummond's Side-Saddle Flower from Paxton's Flower Garden
CRN8 $
Nepenthes ampullaria from Van Houtte
CRN5 $55
Pitcher Plant
Nepenthes distillatoria from Paxton's Magazine of Botany
CRN9 $

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