Calwer Fruit Prints 1854

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Title Page
Berberry, Red Currant, Black Currant
CAL26 $95
Title Page
Brauner, Weicker, Breitling Apple
CAL8 $95
Quince Pear Blossom, Portugese Pear
CAL4 $95
Rosy Pear, Winter Pear
CAL2 $95
Nancy Apricot, Peach Apricot, Common Apricot, Sloetree
CAL10 $85
Common Plum, Princess, White Imperial, Great Red
CAL11 $95
Bourdine Peach, Fairchild's Early Nectarine
CAL9 $95
Gooseberry, Strawberry
CAL27 $95
Cornelian Cherry, German Medlar & Service Berry
Common Cherry, Montmorency, Dutch, Belle de Choisy
Red Cantal, African, Black Alicante Grape
CAL21 $95
Black Mulberry Tree, Blackberry, Red Bilberry, Moorberry CAL25 $95 Grapes, Griset Rouge, Black Morillon
CAL24 $95
Grapes, Corinthe white, Formint
CAL19 $95
Rochelle Noir, Italian & Great Black Grape
CAL20 $95
Grapes, Petit Rissling, Blanc gros grains
Reinette Apple, Violet, Winter Queen, Look
CAL7 $95
Demoiselle Apple, Pilgrim, Kleiner
CAL6 $95
Saint Samson, Common Pear, Vermillon
CAL1 $95
Walnut & Almond Trees
CAL17 $85
Damascene Plum, St Martin, Brignolle, Mirabelle
CAL12 $85
Filbert, Chestnut
CAL18 $65

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