Original Rex Brasher Bird Print 1930

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Each print measures approximately 17 ½ inches wide by 12 inches long

Title Page
Williamson Sapsucker, Woodpecker
RXB5 $165
Texas, San Lucas Woodpecker
RXB12 $165
Spotted Screech Owl
RXB48 $225
Richardson Owl
RXB40 $225
Rocky Mountain Screech and Mexican Screech Owl
RXB43 $245
Florida and Texas Screech Owl
RXB44 $225
Flammulated Screech Owl
RXB49 $225
Ferruginous Pygmy Owl
RXB50 $235
Pygmy Owl
RXB51 $235
California Pygmy Owl
RXB52 $225
Groovebill Ani
RXB25 $135
ThickBill Parrot ENDANGERED
No longer found in US
Yellowbill and California Cuckoo
RXB23 $165
Blackbill Cuckoo
RXB24 $145
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Original Rex Brasher Bird Print 1930

Rex Brasher never veered from the lifelong ambition he first formulated at the age of 10 to draw all the birds of North America. The story of his life is so moving, riveting and detailed that we cannot do justice to it here but refer the reader on to our list of references. Born in July 1869, the son of amateur ornithologist & taxidermist, Philip Marston Brasher, he was descended from a prominent French Huguenot family. Raised in an environment where ornithology was ever present, there was much critical discussion in the household of bird art, including the imperfections in Audubon’s work.

In 1907, Brasher met the famous bird painter, Louis Agassiz Fuertes, at American Museum of Natural History, and they became good friends. Fuertes was very influential in the development of Brasherís artistic range and technique. In 1911 Rex bought a 150 acre farm in Connecticut, the Chickadee Valley, with the $700 proceeds from a sale of book illustrations. Here, in 1928, almost 100 years after the publication of Audubonís Birds of America, Brasher finished his paintings, which he considered the completion of the work begun by John James Audubon.

It was truly a magnificent survey of the birds of North America based on 44 years of dedicated toil and sketching in the field. Dwarfing Audubonís previous record of 489 species, it illustrated over 2500 figures of birds on 864 plates, with birds in different states of plumage and development. Listed were 1200 species and sub-species of birds according to the American Ornithologists Union (AOU) Checklist of North American Birds. The accompanying illustrations of tree species and bird habitat were also an important contribution to the field.

We are offering a selection of these extremely rare prints, all in excellent condition on strong paper with brilliant original hand coloring. Each print measures 17 ½ inches long by 12 inches wide, an oblong folio. The prints were mounted on a stub of rayon on the left edge (shown below) to be included in the binder and we have not trimmed this, but it can be framed out if you wish.  There is a copy of the text for almost all the prints and a copy of the original title page signed by Brasher himself will be included. The scans we show do not do justice to the brilliance and subtlety of the hand coloring, so prepare to be as entranced as we are when you receive your order.

Full margins not shown due to size, see at this link

Rex Brasher Birds Carolina Paroquet Extinct
Carolina Paroquet EXTINCT

Shows margins on left, original to issue

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