Bickham’s Musical Entertainer Sheet Music Engravings 1737

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Title Page
Table of Contents
BIC302 $
The Bacchanalian's Wish
The Banquet
BIC303 $110
The Lavland Lover
BIC308 $110
Earth's Motion Prov'd
BIC305 $110
The Contented Farmer (cont.)
BIC307 $110
The Faithful Lover
BIC310 $110
The Jovial Lover
BIC311 $110
The True Lover
BIC312 $110
The Lover
BIC313 $110
The Bachelor's Wife
BIC314 $110
The Apology
BIC315 $110
Gold a Receipt for Love
BIC316 $110
The Maid's Request
BIC317 $110
The Beau
BIC318 $110
The Ladies' Cafe
BIC319 $110
The Darling Topers
BIC320 $110
The Relief
BIC321 $110
The Artifice
BIC322 $110
The Masque at the Old House
BIC323 $110
The Prudent Admirer
BIC330 $110
The Forsaken Pastoralla
BIC331 $110
The Rejoine
BIC326 $110
The Blaze of Charms
BIC333 $110
The Lamenting Proserpine
BIC334 $110
Collin's farewell to Grisy

Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Bickham’s Musical Entertainer Sheet Music Engravings

We are delighted to offer prints from this very rare work, with original copper engravings of English songs set to music by such luminaries as Handel, Purcell, Haydn, Corelli & others. Prints from this work are rarely offered, as it is now very scarce. We were fortunate recently to find a fragment in good condition. This superb series of engraved musical pieces was first published in parts of four plates each and issued fortnightly between 1737 and 1739. Each print is headed by a charming engraved vignette with scenes of contemporary life illustrative of the song, in a mature rococo style, some in the French manner after Watteau.

It is Bickham’s masterpiece & the first work of its type in England. Many more followed this initial resounding success. We are particularly pleased to present this ancient work, with music written by such great musicians as Handel & published during his lifetime. We do consider it eminently suitable for the special occasions, as there are many beautiful love songs.

Each print measures approximately 9 inches wide by 14 3/4 inches long. The paper is fine, high quality hand made chain lined paper, light creamy in color. The condition of these prints is excellent, with the paper almost entirely free of foxing. There is no descriptive text. Please inspect the image carefully, as it is very accurate. These prints are about 270 years old and represent an enchanting part of our musical heritage.

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