Antique Prints from Bertuch 1790

Bertuch Whales & Sea Creatures
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Antique prints whales, orca, porpoise, seals, starfish, octopus, & more

Bertuch Fish &
Shell Prints 1790

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Antique prints of crab, coral, starfish,
flying fish, salmon, and more

Bertuch Butterfly & Insect Prints 1790
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Antique prints of butterfly, moth, beetle, scorpion, and more

Bertuch Botanical Prints 1790
Antique prints of fruits, roses,
and flowering plants

Bertuch Celestial & Natural Phenomena Prints 1790

Antique prints of comet, moon, Saturn, volcanoes, and and more

Bertuch Reptile Prints 1790 
Antique prints of chameleon, tortoise, crocodile, snake, toad, frog, iguana, and more

Bertuch Peoples & Places of the World Prints 1790

Antique prints of Natives of Hawaii, Australia, Africa, Polynesia, plus historic landmarks around the globe

Bertuch Inventions 1790

Antique prints of inventions and pasttimes, including early hot air balloons, flight machine, man-of-war ships, and more

Bertuch Wonders of the World 1790  

Antique prints of Greek and Roman mythological figures and the
Seven Wonders of the World

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