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Each print measures approximately 11 inches by 14 inches.

We are lovers of all that is old and beautiful, and though eclectic in our tastes, it is rare that we stray from our chosen path of antique print dealers.

However, we recently came across a work that is so breathtakingly beautiful and evocative of many of the great botanical illustrators and photographers, that we felt compelled to share it with fellow collectors. In these stunning photographic prints, we can see all the way back to the simple beauty of the Echinacea daisy that Curtis captured so hauntingly in his Rudbeckia plate #2 dated 1789, to the superb botanical photogravures of Karl Blossfeldt in 1928. Baril acknowledges this heritage, when he says "I borrow from the past to create something which is both faithful to the tradition and something that is uniquely mine."

Therefore, it is with some astonishment that we present these photographic prints from the year 2000. It was no ordinary artist who created these masterpieces. Trained in print making at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Tom Baril started his career as print maker for the artist Robert Maplethorpe. During his 15 years tenure with this renowned artist, he honed his skills and developed the unique combination of techniques, vision and artistry which gives us these superb botanical studies, completed in 2000.

He uses photography techniques which include the pinhole camera and says “I strive to achieve the depth and luster of a fine vintage print”. Indeed, the photographic prints are in perfect harmony with others in our collection & we are proud to offer them alongside prints that are much older as the continuation of a very long tradition of superb botanical art.

The prints are part of an edition limited to 100 copies. This is a signed copy #85 which will be reflected in the title page facsimile you receive with each photographic print. Tom Baril’s work is now represented in many museums world wide. He is the true heir of the great artists before him, and his vision of the botanical world combined with superb technical skills is so powerful and vibrant that it fuses past and present in a way that is uniquely his.

These are tritone photographic prints. Tritone printing is a photomechanical printing process using three inks to increase tonal range. This process is utilized in high-quality print reproduction of photographic books, posters etc. often with the third color being metallic ink.

Each photographic print measures approximately 11 inches by 14 inches, and is in excellent condition, on thick, high quality paper. A copy of the title page & relevant short description will be included with each print. These photographic prints are superbly decorative & hauntingly beautiful, with a vision that is both fresh & exciting and centuries old.

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