Audubon Birds of America Prints 1871

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Horn-billed Guillemot
AUL471 $55
Sale Price: $27
Golden Eye Duck
Sale Price: $37
Bernacle Goose
Sale Price: $37
Scolopaceous Courlan
Sale Price: $22
Great Marbled Godwit
AUL348 $65
Sale Price: $32
AUL323 $65
Sale Price:
Esquimaux Curlew EXTINCT
Sale Price: $57
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Great Red-breasted Rail or Fresh-water Marsh Hen
AUL309 $65
Sale Price: $32
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Audubon Birds of America Prints 1871

John James Audubon (1785-1851) worked on the monumental Birds of America from 1827-1838, illustrating and editing one of the largest and most expensive bird books in the world. Audubon used the finest of specimens and all types of media including oil crayon, pastel watercolors, ink & gouache to stunning effect.  His genius was in his intimate knowledge of the world of birds and their surroundings gained from a lifetime of observation in the field, and the ability to translate this vision into a publication that has never been equaled in the world of ornithology.  Audubon's superb works on bird and quadrupeds have come to signify a love of all wild creatures & the environment, epitomized today by the Audubon Society and immortalized worldwide in publications and the stamps of over 60 countries.  In the words of the Audubon Society, perhaps above all else, Audubon was a lover and observer of birds and nature.

We are pleased to offer hand colored prints from the last edition of the most accessible of all the Audubon works, the quarto Birds of America, published by George R. Lockwood in 1871.  This edition was produced by the firm which took over the lithographic stones from the Audubons following their bankruptcy and is in itself quite rare. The later editions differ from the first quarto edition in that there are added color printed backgrounds.  The birds and foliage remain hand colored as in the first edition.  The prints are in wonderful condition on heavy wove paper with vibrant hand coloring.  Each print measures approximately 10 1/4 inches by 6 1/2 inches, with binding edge preserved intact. 

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