E. Albin Natural History Butterfly & Moth Prints

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To John Ward of St. Clements Danes London Esq.
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To the Rt Honourable George Booth Earl of Warrington
To John Hernic Linck at Leipsick Apothecary
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To the Right Honorable
Lady Elizabeth Compton
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To the Right Honorable
Henrietta Stanley Countess of Anglesea
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To Mrs. Elizabeth Gorges
Wife of John Codrington of Codrington Esq.
To the Right Honorable The Lord Arthur Somersett
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To the Right Honorable
Elizabeth Bruce Countess of Cardigan
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To the Lady Drake Wife of Saml. Trotman Esq.
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To the Right Honorable
Countess of Schaumbourg Lippe and Buckenbourg
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The the most Noble
Henrietta Somersett Dutchess of Grafton
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To the most Noble
Mary Preston Dutchess of Ponis
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The the most Noble
Mary Sherburn Dutchess of Norfolk
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To William Cholwich of the Middle Temple Esq.
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To the Right Honorable The Lord Bruce
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To the Right Honorable
Mary Bentinck Countess Dowr. of Essex
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To the Lady Jekyl
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To the Honorable Edward Southwell Esq.
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To the most Noble
Mary Capell Dutchess Donr. of Beaufort no text
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To John Acton of Basingstoke in Hantshire Esq.
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E. Albin Natural History Butterfly & Moth Prints

It is with great pleasure that we offer these original hand colored engravings by Eleazar Albin from the First Edition of "A Natural History of Insects" published in London in 1724.

Albin was a German professional painter who settled in England in 1707, where he married and raised a family, changing his name from Weiss to Albin. He was a prolific natural history illustrator who earned his living by making watercolors of the collections of wealthy patrons, including Sir Hans Sloane, whose collection founded the British Museum. "A Natural History of Insects" was originally published in 1720 and was the first colored compilation of English moths and butterflies. The composition was based on Maria Sybill Merian's notable work, Metamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium published in 1705. The hand coloring for "A History of Insects" was done at least in part by his daughter, Elizabeth. Each plate is dedicated in the honor of a member of English nobility or to a person of high rank or recognition in early 18th century English society.

While the study of insects was, for the most part, not of great interest in the early 18th century, Albin found it fascinating and in the introduction, he notes to the reader, "As Providence is so remarkable in the propagation and preservation of Insects, so are they by no means to be esteemed useless Creatures: For besides their subserviency to one another, they likewise serve as food to many other Creatures, both Fish and Fowls. Young birds are almost generally fed with them; and … we are indebted to them for relief in several diseases; for all our Honey, Wax, Silk, …. From the whole we cannot but conclude that they are the Work of Infinite Power, and not the Effect of mere Chance, or the Product of Corruption."

Each print measures approximately 9 inches wide by 11 inches long with wonderful copperplate dedications on the bottom of the page. The paper is creamy, strong and chain-lined, with some watermarks. The condition of the prints is good, with some toning and minor foxing as described. There is an accompanying copy of the title page, and an original descriptive text.

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