Theatrum Comicum Celestial Prints 1667 Stanislaus Lubienitzky

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Theatrum Comicum Celestial Prints 1667 Stanislaus Lubienitzky

We are very pleased to present these beautiful hand colored copper engravings from the 1600’s. The Theatrum Comicum or Theater of Comets is a fascinating glimpse into the understanding of the universe in the 1600’s. While the work is principally concerned with comets, it contributed in a major way to celestial cartography as each of the prints is actually a sectional star map, with a comet moving through it. Each comet mapper drew his own chart, thus presenting many different & highly decorative celestial charts.

Lubinetski’s book compiled European accounts of the comets of 1664 and 1665, and provided a general history of cometary phenomena. Counter to the widespread belief that comets were ill-omens, Lubinetski (variously spelled Lubieniecki, Lubienetz, Lubienitzky, etc.) contended that their appearance portended good events as often as evil ones. Many of the illustrious scientists & notables of the day attempted observation of the comets, including a young Isaac Newton who wrote in his notebook: a Comet whose rays were round her, yet her tayle extended it selfe a little towards east.

References: Exposition Ciel et Terre, Bibliothèque Nationale Paris, 2003

The prints are ORIGINAL copper engravings from 1666-1668 that have been beautifully hand colored by one of the few remaining professional colorists in England. Each print measures approximately 12 1/2 inches wide by 7 3/4 inches long. The folio image is 12 1/2 inches wide by 23 1/2 inches long. The condition of the plates is excellent, with the paper being a fine, watermarked chain lined type in a creamy white. The magins are small, with some remargining on left of TC43. There is no title page or text, though an image of Lubinetski will be included. Not may copies of this work exist, so very few prints are found on the market, making these few a rare treasure indeed!

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