Schinz Animal Kingdom Prints 1827

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Aurochs, Bison
SCN105 $45
Title Page
Felis mitis, Felis serval
SCN108 $45
Tiger Felis virgata, Felis macroura
SCN109 $45
Tiger Felis nebulosa, Felis macroura
SCN110 $55
Dogs, Canis terrae novea, St. Bernhard
SCN111 $55
Platypus, Anteater
Cougar, Lynx, Leopard
Monkey, Gastrimargus olivaceus & infumatus
Monkey, Pithecia melanocephala & Cephus cucullatus
SCN115 $45
Monkey, Callithriax sciureus & Nyctipithecus felinus
SCN116 $45
Chipmunk Tamias striata, Squirrel Sciurus volucella,
Flying Squirrel Pteromys volans, Aye-aye Cheiroinys madegascariensis, Marmot Arctornys marmotta
SCN117 $45
Porcupine Histrix cristata
SCN118 $45
Monkey, Brachyurus ouakari & Israelita
SCN119 $45
Fish, Aphareus corulescens, Gerres Plumieri,
Caesio erythrogaster
Fish, Spirobranchus capensis, Trichopus trichopterus, Ophiocephalus striatus
SCN121 $35
Fish, Liparis vulgaris, Rhombus maximus,
Cyclopterus lumpus, Solea vulgaris
SCN122 $45
Fish, Therapon Theraps, Dules auriga, Datnia argentea
SCN123 $45
Fish, Gobius niger, Zoarces viviparus, Anarrhichas lupus
SCN124 $35
Fish, Mormyrus oxyrhynchus, Loricaria Plecostomus, Platystacus cotylephorus, Salmo Trutta
SCN125 $45
Dolphins, Delphinus albigena, Delphinus cruciger, Delphinus phocaena, Delphinus Delphis
SCN126 $45
Fish, Doras costatus, Callichtys catafractus, Angeneiosus militaris
SCN127 $35
Woodpeckers, Picus Bojei, Picus viridicanus, Picus leuconotus, Picus viridis, Picus major, Picus martius
SCN128 $45
Falco subbuteo, Falco aesalon, Falco albogularis
SCN129 $45
Falco haliaetos, Falco palumbarius, Falco novae Zelandiae, Falco gymnogenys
SCN130 $45
Falco imperialis, Falco albicilla, Falco fulvus, Falco fucosus
SCN131 $45
Der Buffel u der Tiger, Bull & Tiger
SCN133 $45
Phalangista maculata, Halmaturus laniger, Potoroo
SCN136 $55
Phascogale minima, Perameles Bougainvilli, Hypsiprimnus murinus
SCN134 $45
Kangaroos, Phalaner ursin & fuligineaux
SCN135 $55

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Schinz Animal Kingdom Prints 1827

We are very pleased to offer these original fine lithographs of mammals from Heinrich R Schinz, "Naturgeschichte Abbildungen der Sæugethiere," 1827. This work on mammals was part of a series of volumes issued covering all aspects of natural history, including birds, fish, reptiles and mammals. The plates are lithographed by Carl Joseph Brodtmann (1787-1862) one of the most accomplished Swiss lithographers of the day.

The prints are ORIGINAL lithographs from 1827 that have been carefully hand colored by one of the few remaining professional colorists in England following descriptions & images of the species illustrated. The coloring is absolutely stunning, and the prints are some of the most beautiful of all the folio plates of mammals from this time.  Each print measures approximately 13 inches by 9 ½ inches. The condition of the plates is excellent, with the paper being a fine, heavy stock & very white. There are no fox marks or other blemishes. A copy of the title page will be included with each print. 

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