C.G. Jablonsky Butterfly Prints 1747

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Sesostris, Meleander, Arcas, Sarpedon, Polydamas Butterflies
JAB108 $135
Sale Price: $85
Anchises, Arbates, Aeneas Butterflies
JAB103 $135
Sale Price: $85
Pandorus, Memnom Butterflies
JAB104 $135
Sale Price: $85
Antenor, Hector, Ascanius Butterflies
JAB105 $135
Sale Price: $85
Remus, Astenous Butterflies
JAB106 $125
Sale Price: $75
Remus, Helena Butterflies
JAB107 $125
Sale Price: $75
Polyxenes, Deiphobus Butterflies
JAB118 $115
Sale Price: $65
Anceus, Agenoz Butterflies
JAB112 $125
Sale Price: $75
Amphimedon, Minos Butterflies
JAB110 $135
Sale Price: $85
Alphenor, Alcandor Butterflies
JAB111 $125
Sale Price: $75
Paris, Theseus, Helenus Butterflies
JAB114 $125
Sale Price: $75
Belus, Androgeus Butterflies
JAB115 $125
Achates, Polytes, Polydorus Butterflies
JAB116 $125
Sale Price: $75
Demetrius, Troilus, Polytes Butterflies
JAB117 $125
Sale Price: $75

Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

C.G. Jablonsky Butterfly Prints 1747

These beautiful hand coloured copper plate engravings are from a rare work by Carl Gustav Jablonsky entitled Natursystem aller bekannten in-und ausländischen Insecten. It was one of the earliest and most comprehensive classifications of butterflies and insects according to the Linnaean taxonomy. Jablonsky (1756-1787) was also the private secretary to the Queen Elizabeth of Prussia. Sadly, he died at the age of 31 and his work was complete by another German entymologist Johann F. W. Herbst.

The plate measures approximately 8 ½ inches by 7 ½ inches, with original hand colouring. They lack complete plate marks, but the illustrations are intact and we have priced them accordingly. These original antique prints are about 267 years old with the description text in German to accompany each plate. This work is one of the most attractively illustrated entomological works of the period, with brilliant hand colouring and fine engraving.

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