Zodiac Signs, John Flamsteed Celestial Atlas, Antique Astronomy Prints 1776

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Astrological Sign Aries, Le Belier
FLA35 $
Astrological Sign Sagittarius, Le Sagittaire
FLA42 $275
Astrological Sign Gemini, Les Gemeaux
FLA37 $275
Astrological Sign Cancer, Le Cancer
FLA38 $275
Astrological Sign Leo, Le Lion
FLA39 $275
Astrological Sign Virgo, La Vierge
FLA40 $275
LHydre, La Coupe, Le Corbeau
FLA43 $265
Astrological Sign Capricorn, Aquarius, Le Capricorn et Le Verseau
FLA44 $275
Le Serpentaire et Le Serpent
Pegase, Le Petit Cheval, Le Dauphin
FLA46 $225
La Lyre, Le Cygne, Le Lezard, Le Renard
FLA49 $245
L'Aigle, Antinous, La Fleche, Le Renard, Le Dauphin
FLA50 $255
La Giraffe, Le Cocher
FLA51 $255
L'Eridan, Orion, et Le Lievre
FLA53 $
Astrological Sign Pisces, Les Poissons
FLA55 $275
Cassiopee, Cephee, Le Renne, LaPte Ourse, Le Dragon
FLA56 $245
Ls Grande Ourse
FLA57 $
Le Lynx, Le Ptit Lion
FLA58 $
L'Hydre, Le Sextant
FLA59 $225
La Baleine
FLA60 $

Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Zodiac Signs, John Flamsteed Celestial Atlas, Antique Astronomy Prints 1776

We are very pleased to present these beautiful hand colored copper engravings from the 1776 edition of the Atlas Celeste de Flamsteed, updated by J. Fortin in 1776. Flamsteed was born into a prosperous family & was largely self taught as he did not attend University due to poor health. His extensive studies in astronomy resulted in his being appointed the first Astronomer Royal by King Charles II, with the Royal Observatory at Greenwich being built for him to continue his observations of the heavens.

Flamsteed was the first astronomer to sight Uranus in 1690, naming it 34 Tauri, as he believed it to be a star. He accurately calculated the solar eclipses of 1666 and 1668. In 1677 he was elected a fellow of the Royal Society & was a peer of such illustrious scientists as Newton, Moore and Halley, with whom his relations were contentious. His Celestial Atlas was published ten years posthumously by his wife. It set the standard in professional astronomy for almost a century, with the positions of over 3,000 stars given more accurately than ever before.

This superbly decorative work was re-worked by Fortin in 1776. The prints are ORIGINAL copper engravings that have been beautifully hand colored by one of the few remaining professional colorists. Each print measures approximately 10 by 8 3/4 inches. The condition of the plates is very good, with the paper being a strong, watermarked chain lined type in a soft white. There are a few mostly marginal fox marks as shown. A copy of the title page will be provided.

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