Animal, Vegetable and Mineral kingdoms of Nature, Pierre-Joseph Buchoz prints

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Shells, Olive avec son Animal, Cagarolle avec son animal
BUZ289 $165
Snakes, Serpent du Mexique, Serpens des mers de Indes
BUZ254 $155
Le gros Lizard de la Jamaique
BUZ255 $155
Pigeon chevalier, Pigeon Ramier
BUZ256 $155
Rat des foiel des Surinam, Ciapaud de Surinam
Ssurinam Toad
BUZ257 $175
Canard de Barbarie, canne de Barbarie
BUZ258 $155
Pigeon Mondain, Pigeon Hyacintha
BUZ259 $145
Duck and Goose, Le Canard Domestique, L'Oie Domestique
BUZ260 $155
Pigeon Birer, Pigeon Gorge-Pattu
BUZ261 $145
Dogs, L'epagneul and Le chien de Berger
Dogs, Petit Danois, Grand Barber ou Caniche
BUZ263 $175
Cats, Le Chai Tigre, Le Chai Musque
BUZ264 $145
Le Taureau, La Vache
BUZ265 $155
Vache du Cotentin, Taureau du Cotentin
BUZ266 $155
Horse, Le Cheval Navarrois
BUZ267 $155
Sheep, Mouton de hongrie, Mounton de faulse
BUZ268 $155
Donkey, Horse, L'Ane, Le cheval Comtois
BUZ269 $155
Goats, Lievre de Cambie, Bouc de Cambie
BUZ270 $155
Mouton bocage, Mouton allemand
BUZ271 $145
Goats, Chevre, Le Bouc
BUZ272 $145
Boar, Le petit Boue Damoiseau de guinee,
La Marmmotte-Batarde d'Afrique, Le Sanglier d'Afrique
BUZ273 $125
Sheep, Mouton Bosseron, Mouton du Vexin
BUZ274 $145
Cats, Dogs, Chas des chartreux, Broque du bengale, Cochon
BUZ275 $145
Cats, Chase l'Espange, Chas angola
Le Philander femelle, Le Philander male de la Lousiane
Lousiana opossum
BUZ277 $155
Moles, Taupe du Canada, Taupe du pays, Taupe Panachee
BUZ278 $145
Becher de chine ou Morant, Belier d'islander a Scornen
BUZ279 $145
Singe voltigeur, Singe siffleur
BUZ280 $155
Le Palyphigos
BUZ281 $125
BUZ282 $175
Sheep, Mouton d'Alencon, Mouton de Berri
BUZ283 $145
Eagles, Aigle de Mer, Aigle de France
BUZ284 $155
Dogs, Chien Bichon, Dogue de forte race
BUZ285 $155
Hens, Poule naine pattue, Poule a Crete Doree
BUZ286 $165
Tangara ou l'eveque, La perdrix de Cayenne
BUZ287 $165
Turkey, Poule d'inde, Coq d'inde
BUZ288 $165
Shells, Nirite avec son animal
BUZ292 $165
Zoophites du Detroit de Davidis
BUZ290 $165
Beetles, Insects, Scarabee d'Amerique, Scorpion de Cayenne
Le Chien-Grabier
BUZ296 $155
Green Chameleon, Cameleon verd de la Cayenne
BUZ295 $155
Le Chirirgien des Moluques, Le petit Plongeon
BUZ297 $175
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Animal, Vegetable and Mineral kingdoms of Nature, Pierre-Joseph Buchoz prints

Born in Metz (France) in 1731, Buchoz was a physician & lawyer by training, as well as a passionate naturalist. He was physician to many prominent individuals, including the King of Poland, the brother of the King of France & the Duke of Artois. He was an enthusiastic and prolific publisher of botanical works including Herbier Artificiel, Histoire du Regne Vegetal, Histoire Universelle ou Collections Precieuse Colories. Early on, he recognized the significance of Japanese & Chinese drawing techniques, and was the first to publish drawings by Asian artists, a good century before the passion for the Orient overtook Europe.

It is from Les Dons Merveilleux et Diversement Colories de la Nature, that we are pleased to offer a selection of original engravings, in the characteristic exotic style so distinctive of Buchoz. These prints are all ORIGINAL copper engravings from 1782 with fine ORIGINAL hand coloring of particular vibrancy. Each print measures approximately 11 inches by 17 ½ inches.

The condition of the plates is excellent, with the paper being a fine, watermarked chain lined type with strong plate marks. There are no fox marks or other blemishes & the paper is a soft white, with vibrant hand coloring. The title of each print is inscribed below in an old hand. Les Dons Merveilleux is exceedingly rare, one of the rarest of the Buchoz works, and contains some of the most iconic images in the world of antique prints. A copy of the title page will be included with each print. These prints are nearly 240 years old. (References: Cleveland’s Treasures from the World of Botanical Literature, 1998.)

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