Bradbury Nature-Printed Seaweed Prints 1859

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Title Page Vol 1
Title Page Vol 2
Nitophyllum versicolor
BRD1051 $55
Nitophyllum punctatum
BRD1050 $75
Nitophyllum Gmelini
BRD1047 $55
Plocamium coccineum
BRD2068A $65
Polysiphonia affinis
BRD1020 $65
Plocamium coccineum
BRD2068B $65
Halymenia ligulata
BRD2092A $55
Griffithsia equisetifolia
BRD2112 $55
Chylocladia clavellosa
BRD2076 $55
Delesseria alata
BRD1042A $55
Callithamnion brachiatum
BRD2122 $75
Ceramium rubrum
BRD2100 $65
Rhodomela lycopodioides
BRD1003 $65
Polysiphonia fibrillosa
BRD1017 $65
Rhodomela subfusca
BRD1002 $65
Naccaria wigghii
BRD1066 $65
Polysiphonia urceolata
BRD1011 $75
Polysiphonia elongata
BRD1015 $65
Dasya venusta
BRD1028 $65
Wrangelia multifida
BRD1065 $55
Polysiphonia elongella
Polysiphonia furcellata
BRD1022B $65
Ceramium deslongchampii
BRD2101 $65
Ceramium diaphanum
BRD2102 $65
Polysiphonia violacea
BRD1016 $55
Chondria dasyphylla
Polysiphonia brodlaei
BRD1018 $55
Bonnemaisonia asparagoides
BRD1030 $55
Polysiphonia spinulosa
BRD1013 $55
Laurencia obtusa
BRD1031 $55
Champia parvula
BRD1036 $55
Griffithsia secundiflora
BRD2114 $55
Corallina officinalis
BRD1037 $55
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Bradbury Nature-Printed Seaweed Prints 1859

We have scoured the print world for this selection of rare prints from “The Nature-Printed British Sea-Weeds” by Bradbury and Evans, published in 1859. These intricately detailed prints were created using the “nature-printed” process developed by the Austrian Alois Auer and perfected by Henry Bradbury. In this unique process a plant is pressed into a plate of soft lead, leaving an impression from which an electrotype is made. The resultant prints are incredibly lifelike and true to nature, capturing the fine detail of each seaweed without the interpretation of an engraver or artist. They are printed in a range of colors, with three colors sometimes combined on one plate. Each print measures approximately 6 inches wide by 9 1/4 inches long. A copy of the title page are included with each print. The beauty of the seaweeds is startling, as it is nature printing at its very pinnacle. On many of the prints, it is possible to feel the raised surface of the inks used. No web photograph can completely capture the subtle detail, but the pictures provided are as accurate as possible, so please inspect them carefully.

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