Original Fish Print by Marcus Elieser Bloch 1787

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Squalus Catulus, Lesser Rough Flound, Spotted Dogfish
BHF43 $275
Squalus Canicula, The Bounce
BHF44 $245
Tetrodon Honckenu, Puffer Fish
BHF51 $245
Tetrodon Spengleri, Bandtail Puffer Fish
BHF50 $275
Ostracion Trigonus, Triangular fish
Ostracion Triqueter, Trunck fish
BHF54 $245
Chaetodon Nigricans, Whitecheek Surgeonfish
BHF57 $295
Gadus Barbatus, Whiting Pout
BHF58 $275
Chaetodon Cornutus, Chaetodon Macrolepidotes, Butterfly Fish
BHF59 $275
Chaetodon Vespertilio, Chaetodon Teira, Butterfly Fish
BHF60 $255
Chaetodon Annularis, Chaetodon Octofasciatus, Butterfly Fish
BHF66 $255
Chaetodon Arcuatus, Chaetodon Unimaculatus, Butterfly Fish
BHF64 $245
Balistes Biaculeatus, Balistes Tomentosus, Little old wife
BHF67 $245
Balistes Chinensis, Balistes Ringens, Triggerfish
BHF68 $245
Gadus Merluccius, Hakae
BHF69 $245
Cepola Taenia, Band Fish
BHF73 $175
Pegasus Natans, Syngnathus Biaculeatus, Dragon Fish, Aligator Pipe Fish
BHF75 $245
Gobius Plumieri, Cottus Monopterigius
BHF76 $225
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Please click on each image to enlarge and for prices

Original Fish Print by Marcus Elieser Bloch 1787

We are pleased to present these beautiful rare original hand colored copper engravings from M.E. Bloch’s "Okonomische Allgemeine Naturgeschichte der Auslandischen Fische", published in Berlin, 1785-1787. The work of Bloch is famous for the beauty of the fish portrayed and the superb hand coloring, and considered by many to be the greatest of all the works on ichthyology. These prints are in the folio size, measuring approximately 10 1/2 inches by 17 3/8 inches, on superb thick chain lined paper in a creamy color, with strong plate marks and good margins. There is no text, but a copy of the original title page is also included.

As longtime print dealers, we have bought many Bloch prints over the years and are delighted to find the hand coloring in this set the most vibrant and fresh we have ever seen. The genuine silver paint enhances may of the fishes and still glistens and is without the oxidation so commonly found with metallic paints of this age. The condition of these prints is excellent, remarkable for their age of about 230 years and a fine opportunity to gain some fine specimens!

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